Celebrating GreenCare for Troops Awareness Week

A One Word Answer: Gratitude

By Jenna Richardson

Gratitude. A simple word yet when acted on, can stir positive feelings for all involved. People often feel a need to help others and a fulfillment in doing so. The act of gratitude often goes hand-in-hand with volunteering.

At Lawn Dawg, we understand the importance and value of giving back to our communities. Not only do we have a social responsibility, but there is also an interest from customers, employees, and the community. From a customer stand point, people respect and appreciate companies who support causes they connect with. Employees, too, have a tendency to align their values to a company’s core value and take pride in those efforts.

As a green industry professional, one way Lawn Dawg gives back is through Project Evergreen’s GreenCare for Troops program. What better way to show our gratitude to the men and women serving our country, than by beautifying the lawn and landscape around their home! The green space around a home is where memories are made – barbequing, kids playing, pets running, gardening, and much more.

It’s no secret that deployments are a stressful time for military families. Being able to take this small task off the plate of the spouse on the home front during a time of deployment is the least we can do! Not only are we lending a helping hand, but it’s one less thing for the family to worry about. As a green industry professional, doing the job you love and knowing you’re helping a military family at a time they need it most is all-around rewarding.

As a military wife, having been through two deployments with my husband, this program certainly holds near and dear to me. I take pride in working for Lawn Dawg who is a proud supporter of our troops and I hope to raise more awareness of this program for both volunteering companies and participating military families. Godspeed.

Jenna Richardson is the executive director of marketing for Lawn Dawg in Nashua, New Hampshire

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