A Quality Service for Our Veterans

By The Quality of Life Foundation

Over the course of three years, the Quality of Life Foundation has been fortunate enough to work with Project Evergreen. Project Evergreen’s GreenCare and SnowCare for Troops Program have had a huge impact on the families we serve.

The Quality of Life Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports family caregivers who are providing a substantial amount of daily care for catastrophically wounded, ill, or injured veterans through our Wounded Veteran Family Care Program.

A common request that we get from our caregiving families is lawn care assistance. With many of our families, the veteran’s injuries do not allow for him or her to do the lawn, so this physically demanding task falls to the caregiver. If this were the only task, perhaps it would not be as difficult; however, most of our caregivers are not only caring for the veteran, but minor children, as well as the regular upkeep of their home.

Our caregivers are often physically exhausted and are very limited on time so keeping up with their lawn is a huge stressor. This is where Project Evergreen has made a significant difference. They’ve been able to connect volunteers across the nation to provide free lawn care, landscape, and snow removal services to military families and veterans with service-related disabilities. This has dramatically reduced the stress for our caregivers, while helping them to maintain their homes.

Their model of support proves that there are so many individuals and businesses that want to help our military and wounded veteran families who have sacrificed much in service to our country, they just don’t know who to help and how to help.

The Quality of Life Foundation appreciates the partnership that we have with Project Evergreen and the work you have done to help wounded veteran families!

The Quality of Life Foundation is based in Woodbridge, Virginia. For more information visit their website www.qolfoundation.org

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