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THIS IS A NEEDS BASED PROGRAM FOR ACTIVE-DUTY DEPLOYED SERVICE MEMBERS. This includes all military branches as well as Guard and Reserve Forces. Only one residence is permitted and the military member must reside at this location. Lot size must be less than 1 acre. Deployment orders or letter from command verifying deployment are required for registration. Do not register more than four weeks in advance of your deployment.

Military families face many challenges when their loved one is deployed. Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops connects military families across the nation to complimentary lawn and landscape services. Meanwhile, our sister program, SnowCare for Troops, provides basic snow removal.

GreenCare for Troops is endorsed by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Why Green Spaces Are Important for Military Families

Parks, lawns, landscapes and maintained green spaces help to mitigate temperature increase in communities and significantly reduce energy use and cooling costs. Project EverGreen’s initiatives – GreenCare for Troops and GreenCare for Communities – have made a significant impact.

Through its nationwide base of professional volunteers, Project EverGreen has connected people, plants and their communities to maximize the health of grass, plants and trees, which in turn sequesters carbon and cleans the air. Both initiatives support healthy green spaces in neighborhoods and cities, enabling maintained green spaces to function as the lungs of the city and offsetting the negative effects of a warming environment.

A single group or individual cannot transform lawns, landscapes and parks but Project EverGreen’s coalition of businesses and individuals helps maintain green spaces so they can thrive.

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What Do Our Volunteers Have to Say About the Program?

“We are completely onboard with its mission and will continue to support it. Our country is founded on sacrifice and service, and these men and women are doing that every day. This is a small token of our appreciation by keeping their driveways clear and safe and their lawns mowed.“

James Chesebro
Your Personal Gardener
East Troy, Wisconsin

“This is an exhausting time in their life and it can be extremely stressful. They say, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and I think this is even more true when a parent is deployed. We don’t mind lending a hand, since we have the resources to relieve just one of those stress factors and get the snow cleared from the driveway in the winter months, or make sure the grass is mowed in the summer. These families are giving a lot and deserve our support.”

Elizabeth Wendland
Wendland Landscape Services
Germantown, Wisconsin

“We want the family to feel comfortable that they don’t have to worry about the yard maintenance. We mow, we weed, and if mulch is needed, we do it. We want to alleviate the pressure and burden of having to care for the outside of the property and allow them to spend that extra time enjoying their families when the loved one is gone.”

Steven Cohen
BCLS Landscape Services
Richmond, Virginia

“I’m excited to plow, and if I can help someone who’s deployed, I’d happy to help. After being deployed and living abroad, I know what it feels like to have someone help back on the home front. I’m more than happy to step up and help someone in a similar situation.”

Michael Ryan
Upper Peninsula, Michigan

“I was deployed, so I understand the peace of mind you get knowing your wife doesn’t have to
make sure the lawn is mowed and the driveway is plowed.”

Derick Kimmell
Kimmell’s Premier Landscapes
Wooster, Ohio

“If we can help take some extra stress from a service family, that is literally ‘the least we can do.’
These families are both humble and proud and the appreciation they show is over the top.”

Chris Kujawa
KEI Enterprises
Oak Creek, Wisconsin

“They risk it all for our country, so making life just a little less stressful for them is a great reward for us. Our message to the soldiers deployed is, ‘you worry about getting home safe to your family, we will worry about the lawn.”

Jimmy Montanez
South Montanez Lawn Care
Raeford, North Carolina

“If we can offer landscaping help it’s a small thing, we can do to offer joy to that family. They are making a personal sacrifice that helps assure our safety and well-being, and we want to show our gratitude by helping however we can.”

Brian Paige
Paige Landscape
Walpole, Massachusetts

“The GreenCare for Troops program is really nice to work with. When I first signed up, I did not know what to expect, but they have been great. They do this to help serve military families. They make it a seamless process and get us directly in touch with the people in my area who need assistance.”

Mike Riske
MJR Landscape
Grand Rapids, Michigan

“That’s something my dad always said, ‘remember where you came from, and always be giving back.’
I don’t have a lot of money, but I can donate my spare time.”

Greg Thomas
Mr. Green Acres
St. Johns, Florida

“You have a volunteer for life! Today was my first time mowing a lawn through the GreenCare for Troops program, and it felt so rewarding. After completing the job and leaving their property clean, it felt like therapy for me. Seeing how happy she was made my day. The satisfaction of seeing her smile was more than enough. Thank you for the opportunity and looking forward to what’s ahead.”

Miguel Rojas
Belleville, New Jersey

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We help military families in all 50 states. Here’s how it works.

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Volunteers are the heart and soul of our program. They give tirelessly to share the gift of green yards and landscapes to military families in need.

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