The Never Ending Value of Volunteerism

By Sean Casey

Want to do something that makes you feel really good? It’s likely something you do each and every day but this time it’s different. It’s because it’s done on your own time, of your own accord for totally unselfish reasons. Volunteer!!

Sign up to share your time and skills for those who can’t do for themselves. Green Care for Troops™ and Snow Care for Troops™ are two wonderful opportunities to share your skills and resources. Whether helping families with deployed heads of household or a disabled veteran your time and talent make you the perfect volunteer.

You don’t have to look too far to find a family whose head of household is deployed leaving only one person at home to do the work of two. In fact we have a list of needy families. Sign up to stop by that home and mow the lawn once a week. You’re going by there anyway. Trim the bushes a couple times a year and edge the sidewalk. What you do every day without thinking about it would be such a significant help to that family. And your time and expenses are tax deductible.

The same goes for those of you in the northern states in the winter. Volunteer to plow or shovel snow for the family of a disabled veteran. Give back to a person that gave almost everything they had to serve our country and defend our right to freedom. It’s a small ask of you but means so much to the recipient of your efforts.

Consider adding “Volunteering my time and talent” to your new year’s resolution list. In fact by now most of us have broken our original resolutions so why not replace them with one that’s easy to keep. Why not add volunteering your time and talent to Green Care for Troops and Snow Care for Troops? You’ll feel great about doing what you do each and every day.

Want an eye opener of the real value of volunteering? Check this out

Sign up to volunteer today.

Sean Casey is President of Sales, Turf & Ornamental for Nufarm Americas, Inc. and a longtime member of the Project EverGreen board.

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