Successful Quarter Auction Hosted by J.A.R. Landscaping

Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops volunteers Jacqueline and Abbigail Stuebs of J.A.R. Landscaping recently held a quarter auction in Illinois to raise awareness and money for the GreenCare for Troops program and spread the message that it is important to give back to military families in our communities while their loved ones are serving our country.

The turnout for the quarter auction was fantastic, and those in attendance were supportive of the initiative and amazed to learn how much help GreenCare for Troops is providing for military families. More than $745 was raised during the event, adding up to a grand total of $1,000 raised by J.A.R. Landscaping. The money will go towards buying care packages for deployed troops and supporting GreenCare for Troops.

“From this experience we learned that it only takes one – or in this case, two people – to create change,” says Abbigail Stuebs, who was thrilled with the outcome of the auction. “Anyone can do something like this; it takes one idea and one action.”

The Stuebs sisters suggest that other volunteers who are looking to do more to support GreenCare for Troops simply do little things, because those small actions can add up. Showing support can be as simple as a posting on social media, putting the GreenCare for Troops logo on a website, or holding an event that spreads awareness of the program.

Learn more about the GreenCare for Troops program, sign-up as a volunteer, or register as a military family.