Welcome to GreenCare & SnowCare for Troops!

Thank you for your interest in the GreenCare & SnowCare for Troops program. We have many families who will benefit from your generous donation of time and services, and we are eager to match you with these families, but we kindly ask you review a bit of information first.

Please read these FAQs – they answer some important aspects of the program.

FAQs for GCFT/SCFT Volunteers

  1. How does the program work?
    Volunteers are matched with eligible military families based on zip code and services requested. For military families with a deployed family member, volunteers provide free service for the entire length of the deployment, usually 6 months to 1 year. When a deployment ends, we will then match you with the next family.
  1. Is there a charge for the program?
    No, both GCFT and SCFT are FREE services for active duty deployed military members.
  1. How are the exact services and number of families determined?
    When you register for one or both programs, volunteers can choose the number of families you’re able to help, how far you’re able to travel and the specific services that you can offer from a list that appears during registration.
  1. How do I know when I’ve been matched?
    You’ll receive an email letting you know that a family will be contacting you regarding services. To protect the privacy of the military family, we do not provide their name and contact info to the volunteer. Rather, we provide the volunteer’s name and contact information to the military family. The military family will contact the volunteer and set up a time to discuss services
  1. Alert your staff.
    Be sure and let your office staff know that you’re participating in the GCFT/SCFT program. A military family may leave you a voice mail or send you an email requesting services, but may not always state that they are part of the GCFT program. Often, they are pre-occupied, stressed and/or desperate for services, and may not completely understand how the program works.
  1. How will I know when the deployment has ended?
    You will be sent an email prior to the end of the service. When you receive this email, we strongly suggest contacting the family directly to ensure the deployment date has ended.  Deployment dates are subject to change and many times the family does not know the exact end date when they register.
  1. What if the family requests more services?
    Our programs are designed to offer basic lawn, landscape and snow removal services. In some cases, families may ask you to provide additional services. If this happens, please refer them back to the program manager to see if we can find another volunteer to help.
  1. How can I promote the program and my participation in the program?
    We provide all volunteers with a mission kit that includes: customizable news releases, program logos, talking points and infographics. Volunteers who have used the news releases have greatly helped raise program awareness in their area. We also have window stickers for both GCFT and SCFT that can be affixed to the windows of your trucks. Limited quantities available; upon request.
  1. Once I register, can I make changes to my profile?
    Yes, please contact the program manager at 888-611-2955 to make changes to your profile.

Please Register as a Volunteer!