Creating A Greener, Cooler Earth That Results in Healthier, Happier People

By Dan Carrothers

It’s been said many times that visions and missions are for people with too much time on their hands. And I think that’s fair. But sometimes, they can stop you in your tracks. Project Evergreen has been a passion of mine for over a decade and has recently drafted a vision that matches the passion and energy shared by so many other people.

“Creating a greener, cooler Earth that results in healthier, happier people.”

I know what you’re thinking. This is unworkable, unrealistic, too pie in the sky. But I think it’s possible. And the solutions are something every 6th grader in the world knows. Photosynthesis.

“Creating a greener…” That’s the carbon sequestration used for energy in the process.

“Cooler Earth…” That’s the oxygenation by-product that can cool the atmosphere.

So what marvel of human technology can accomplish this on a global scale? How about your plants, your shrubs, your lawn and your trees? So perhaps these hard working members of nature’s repertoire can be the solution we’re looking for. Maybe the vision is not so pie in the sky but a reality staring us right in the face.

Yes I’m biased, but I’m also a believer that sometimes the answers are right in front of us waiting to be seen. As we think about urban landscapes, why can’t we envision green spaces acting as the lungs of the city? Maybe that city park is more than just a cool place to read a book or throw a Frisbee, maybe it really is helping to offset the heat from the concrete jungle around it.

Let’s turn the power of green on and let nature do the work that it was intended to do. Just then, the planet may be greener, cooler and we may all be a little healthier, happier people. Just saying!

Dan Carrothers is Board President of Project EverGreen. Carrothers is Global Business Director Agro Green Solutions for Emery Oleochemicals in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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