Project EverGreen began revitalizing Detroit’s Pingree Park back in November of 2017. Now that summer has finally rolled around, Project EverGreen will again join the City of Detroit, green industry suppliers and volunteers to continue phase II of the Pingree Park makeover this Friday and Saturday, June 8-9.

Pingree Park had fallen on hard times in recent years, the victim of a lack of financial resources to perform basic maintenance, let alone make improvements. As a result, the park could barely be used by neighborhood residents, denying them the chance to enjoy the numerous recreational and environmental benefits it had to offer.

The first phase of Project EverGreen’s initiative to restore Pingree Park to its former glory included updated landscaping, renovated sports fields and pruned trees. Phase II of the project will bring new walkways and play mounds to the park, adding an extra flare that will hopefully connect current neighborhood residents and attract a new generation of park visitors to enjoy this refurbished “jewel” of Detroit’s east side.

The renovation of Pingree Park not only benefits the environment – grass, trees and shrubs in a park are truly the “lungs of a city” – but has the potential to lift an entire neighborhood. Residents will have access to a multi-acre space where they can spend time with family and friends, exercise or simply enjoy the sunshine on hot summer days in a natural green space.

Project EverGreen and its partners are proud of the work that has already been done but we are not finished. Come this Friday and Saturday the transformation will continue and the rebirth of once proud Pingree Park will take another step forward.

We invite you to join us in person or follow the progress of the Pingree Park makeover on Project EverGreen’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.