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One Lawn Care Trailer With
A Special Decal Is Making A Difference

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Ricardo Melgoza, owner of Melgoza Lawn Care, a small family operated business in Virginia Beach, is one of Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops’ exemplary volunteers.

Since Melgoza works and lives in an area with a strong military presence, Melgoza has taken on the three military families, servicing their yard and lawn while their loved ones are deployed.

Melgoza was drawn to GreenCare for Troops because he sees first-hand what families go through during a deployment and does not want them to be worried about their yard when they are away. He is also dedicated to being the one who steps up and helps, serving as a role model for his sons, who he hopes will learn the importance of giving back.

Melgoza says that he isn’t “just in it for the money,” but that he chooses to do lawn care so he can help the community.
As a way to promote his participation in the program, Melgoza went the extra mile to create a large GreenCare for Troops decal to put on his work trailer. Melgoza says that he created the decal so that people can see that he is involved with and supports the program.

Showing his support for GreenCare for Troops with the decal has been an effective conversation starter with fellow landscapers to discuss how they can get involved.

Melgoza says he is promoting GreenCare for Troops in the same way he did his sons youth athletic teams, by proudly displaying it in any way that he can.

Melgoza hopes that when other lawn care and landscape businesses see the GreenCare for Troops logo and know what great volunteer work he is doing, that they will be moved to volunteer.

And people have indeed noticed the decal that adorns his trailer. Another volunteer from the Virginia Beach area, Aaron Pope of Aaron’s Lawn Care, recognized the logo.

At first, Melgoza couldn’t help but wonder “Why are you taking pictures of my trailer,” when Pope approached him, but once he realized that Pope is another GreenCare for Troops volunteer, he was pleased.

“I thought it was a very cool gesture,” says Melgoza about being recognized and thanked by Pope for being a fellow volunteer. “We never thought we would get a thank you, but it’s nice when you receive one.”

Melgoza believes that all GreenCare for Troops volunteers should actively promote their involvement and he thinks the best way to do that is to “make sure people can see it!” Melgoza says what GreenCare for Troops does for military families is amazing, so any way that he can spread the message and make people aware of the great work that is well worth the effort.

Find out more information on how you can get involved today on our volunteer registration page.

Profile written by Project EverGreen intern Kayla Kingston.

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