Cara Williams

Mother Knows Best – Even When It Comes to Lawn Care

Project EverGreen - Cara Williams

On a regular day, Cara Williams seems like the typical mother who is raising toddlers in Buda, Texas, a suburb of Austin, and working hard to keep up with her own chaotic schedule. But, despite a busy plate, Williams is always determined to give back to her community.

When Williams learned about Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops, she knew that it was the perfect opportunity for her to support her community by volunteering to help our military personnel and veterans through the gift of green space. She is currently helping one military family with lawn care.

Although Williams is not a professional landscaper, she grew up in the country with a family full of farmers. Her father taught her everything she knows and she takes deep pride in her landscaping skills. What better way to use her talents than by helping our military heroes?

This volunteer opportunity is near and dear to Williams’ heart; she knows how difficult a military deployment can be on a family. Her grandfather and uncle were in the Navy and she has several friends who have served in the Army.

She recalls that one of her closest friends was deployed to Iraq in 2010. Williams says that it was a “very scary time,” but it allowed her to grow. She has the utmost respect for the men and women who give up everything to fight for our country.

Williams says that volunteering is extremely rewarding, “even if it’s just the simple task of lawn maintenance.”

“GreenCare for Troops is all about bringing our community together to help those that can’t do basic yard maintenance,” says Williams. “Families with children become a single parent household during deployments and helping out in this aspect is one less thing that they have to worry about.”

And Williams has experienced first-hand the powerful impact that her service has on the families she volunteers to help. The family she has serviced has been gracious and grateful, but at the end of the day, Williams cannot help but to thank them for allowing her to help.

GreenCare for Troops is also grateful to have Williams as a volunteer. “Cara Williams is a great example of someone who wants to give back to those who have served our country,” says Nici Trem, program manager of GreenCare for Troops. “She is a busy mom who is not a professional landscaper. She is a caring, giving volunteer who is thankful to our military both past and present. Volunteering is her way of thanking them. She is an inspiration to all of us who are not professional landscapers who may think they can’t volunteer with GreenCare for Troops but really can.”

Profile written by Project EverGreen intern Kayla Kingston.

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