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Military Family Overwhelmed by
Positive Impact of GreenCare for Troops

The Jacobsen Family

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John Wallace is a talented landscaper who owns JLWALLACE Landscape Professionals in Bedford, Texas outside of Dallas. He was assigned to help the Jacobsen Family with lawn care through Project EverGreen’s award-winning GreenCare for Troops program. Wallace’s professionalism and passion for the greater good has not gone unnoticed.

Military member Matt Jacobsen was extremely grateful for the services Wallace provided his family and Wallace was equally thankful for the services Jacobsen provided for the country.

Jacobsen has a rich military background.  He enlisted in the U.S. Army in the aftermath of 9/11 while he was between semesters earning his undergraduate degree.  He spent the next 15 years serving in special operations and was deployed more than five times.

He researched programs that could aid him and his family.  Upon discovering GreenCare for Troops, he knew it would be the perfect program to partake in.

Wallace was quick to help out the Jacobsen family, providing leaf removal, general cleanup, and lawnmowing.  Wallace’s services came at the perfect time because the Jacobsen family had just recently moved to a new property in Texas that seemed overwhelming.

“John Wallace provided good, solid, honest hard work and professionalism,” said Jacobsen, who was eager to find a way to reward Wallace for the help.  “Lawn care is a simple service but it does so much.”

Jacobsen could not be more right in saying that lawn care may seem simple, but the impact it has on military families is extremely powerful.  For the  family, it literally and figuratively provided a breath of fresh air and lowered their stress and anxiety.

Wallace’s professional skills also provided a clean and safe place for Jacobsen’s children to play and allowed the family to reconnect after his time away.

The Jacobsen’s family positive experience with the GreenCare for Troops program is something they are not shy about sharing with other military families.

Neither Wallace nor Jacobsen will forget the positive impact they had on one another during their partnership and both hope more military families take advantage of this valuable program.

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