Alpine Smith

Salt Lake Tahoe, California

Project EverGreen - ALPINE SMITH, Inc.

With more than 970 commercial and residential contract clients, Alpine Smith is one of the busiest snow and ice removal operations in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Owner Darin Smith arrived in the world-famous resort area 20 years ago after college and has built his company using a unique business model that deploys tractor-mounted snow blowers versus plows to remove some of the 125 inches of snow that falls annually at the lake level (snow levels in the mountains are much higher).

As Smith grew and diversified his business – he currently employees 40 people and runs 20 routes – to include an equipment distribution operation that sells tractors, skid steers and blowers to fellow contractors across the Western U.S., he also fostered his reputation as a community leader.

Part of that commitment includes being a Project EverGreen SnowCare for Troops volunteer. SnowCare for Troops, a program supported by BOSS Snowplows, provides complimentary snow and ice removal services for families of deployed military personnel and wounded/disabled veterans.

Project EverGreen recently spoke with Smith about his involvement with the program and what it means to him and his employees to be part of this nationwide effort.

Q: How did you learn about SnowCare for Troops?
A: We have been involved with SnowCare for Troops since the program started. We have a lot of admiration for the commitment military personnel and their families make to our country and SnowCare for Troops was a super way to give back when they are away serving our country and protecting our freedoms. We receive a lot of snow in the Lake Tahoe area and when a family’s main provider is away the snow can create a real hardship. It was an easy decision to get involved with SnowCare for Troops.
Q: How many military families/veterans have you been matched with and what is their reaction?
A: We are currently matched with several families and the feedback has been very positive. There is a lot of gratitude from the families for the services we provide. One of the families brought us Christmas cookies and ordered pizza for the crews to say thank you.

Q: What impact has your participation in the program had on your employees?
A: Our employees enjoy being part of SnowCare for Troops because it makes them feel we are doing something more than just plowing and clearing snow for someone. We have reached out to our competitors and encouraged them to participate in the program – we will promote SnowCare for Troops to anyone who will listen.

Q: What does your participation in SnowCare for Troops mean to you?
A: We could do a lot more for our veterans and military families. They are putting their lives on the line every day and helping them out is the least we can do. Imagine a mom trying to get the kids to school or to a doctor’s appointment and waking up to six or seven inches of snow on the driveway. It relieves a big burden from their plate and gives you a heartwarming feeling.

Q: What advice would you give to a company considering volunteering for SnowCare for Troops?
A: Our military personnel and veterans have sacrificed greatly to keep our freedoms free. Being involved with SnowCare for Troops raises the profile of the industry and your company but it is more than that. It shows your company is about more than just plowing snow. It demonstrates the growth of our industry to become better community leaders and better employers.

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