Project EverGreen Contributes to Grass Roots Program

Project EverGreen is pleased to announce their support for the National Turgrass Federation’s Grass Roots program. Project Evergreen will contribute in this four-year initiative dedicated to explore turfgrass and the turfgrass industry unlike any program in history. The National Turfgrass Federation, Inc., a non-profit organization aligned with USDA-ARS via cooperative agreement, is the main industry link to Grass Roots. The U.S. National Arboretum, a USDA-ARS research and education facility in Washington, DC, is the host of Grass Roots.

The National Turfgrass Federation (NTF) mission statement is: Promote the need for turfgrass research and its associated value to society. To do this the NTF will: Cooperate and partner with the appropriate divisions of federal, state and local governments to promote the turfgrass industry and its interests and to engage appropriate divisions of federal, state and local governments in meaningful dialog regarding the goals and needs of the turfgrass industry, legislative and regulatory initiatives that benefit the turfgrass industry, and the importance of funding for and implementation of the National Turfgrass Research Initiative.

The National Turfgrass Federation, a 501 (c) 6 non-profit, was formed in 2007 to coordinate and support turfgrass research within the federal government. Initially, one of the activities of the Federation was the National Turfgrass Research Initiative (NTRI). Recently, a key activity is to encourage, develop and support the Grass Roots Initiative.

Learn more at: National Turfgrass Federation’s Grass Roots Program