Trey DeLoach

First-Time Volunteer Now A Believer

GreenCare and SnowCare for Troops volunteers are changing the lives of thousands of military personnel and their family members one yard and one driveway at a time. Trey DeLoach of Madison Garden Center Landscapes in Madison, Mississippi, is just one of Project EverGreen’s hundreds of GreenCare for Troops volunteers who are making a difference.

Project EverGreen - Lawn Mower

When DeLoach was matched with a military family to provide free landscape services during a deployment, he was thrilled. He was contacted by the family and together they mapped out a plan for what services DeLoach would provide.

Over the course of several months, DeLoach helped them with basic yard maintenance that included mulching flower beds, trimming shrubs and mowing the lawn. The family was beyond grateful for DeLoach’s efforts.

“Trey has been absolutely great,” says Nicole Malley, whose husband was one of more than 4,000 members of the Mississippi National Guard’s 155th Armored Brigade Combat Team, headquartered in Tupelo, who left for a year-long deployment in March.

Malley says she wouldn’t know how to repay DeLoach for his generosity.

“Every other Friday like clockwork his team shows up and cuts my lawn,” says Malley. “I am so grateful for what Trey and Project EverGreen are providing for me and my family while my soldier is away.”

Although volunteers like DeLoach provide lawn care services free of charge for military families, the family DeLoach was matched with still felt it was necessary to show their thanks with an extra act of kindness.

After the deployment ended, the family visited DeLoach’s office and shared coffee and donuts with Trey and his entire crew as a simple thank you for the hard work that goes into maintaining a yard.

DeLoach was overwhelmed by their generous show of gratitude.

“It’s an honor and a joy to be able to help and serve,” says DeLoach, confessing that he doesn’t feel as if he deserves anything because it’s the military personnel who are risking their lives and their family dynamic to serve our country.

Although this is the first military family DeLoach has had the honor to work with, he hopes he’ll be matched with another family soon because his experience with GreenCare for Troops has been nothing but positive.

“I love what Project EverGreen stands for and for the good work it does for military families not only in Mississippi but across the country,” adds DeLoach.

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