Nathan Newlands

Volunteer Makes His Pitch for GreenCare for Troops
and Military Families

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Despite having grown up more than 8,000 miles from his new home, Nathan Newlands knows what it’s like to serve and sacrifice.

A native Australian and veteran himself – Newlands served in the Australian Air Force, he knows first-hand how important the services of both the GreenCare and SnowCare for Troops initiatives are to military families.

“I know how hard it can be for military families when a spouse is deployed, and our participation in both programs is fueled by our desire to help out and make a difference,” says Newlands, who just recently passed his U.S. citizenship exam. “It is an awesome feeling to do something for them.”

A father of two young daughters, Newlands met Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control founder Marv Kotte’s daughter while she was studying in Australia, and the two ended up marrying and returning to United States.

With a background in horticulture, Newlands joined Spring Touch eight years ago and today serves as the growing company’s vice president of operations. The company provides lawn care, irrigation and perimeter pest control services to consumers in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis.

Newlands says Spring Touch’s involvement with Project EverGreen started with SnowCare for Troops – a natural fit for the Minnesota weather – and expanded to GreenCare for Troops a few years back.

“We have been able to help out several families and disabled veterans during our time with both programs and we want to do more,” says Newlands.

Participating in the programs also lifts the spirits of the Spring Touch employees who deliver the services, according to Newlands.

“It gives our lawn care technicians a lift and it becomes more than just another stop on their route,” says Newlands. “Seeing what it means to the families and vets lets them know the services they are providing truly mean something.”

To help further the mission of GreenCare for Troops and secure new volunteers, Spring Touch requires its franchisees to register with the program as part of their contract.

“Our mission as a company is to help others realize their dream of starting or growing their own business, and part of that is establishing a culture of giving within the communities where they live and work,” says Newlands.

Spring Touch also offers discounts to veterans interested in becoming a franchisee.

“GreenCare for Troops is a perfect fit for our industry and we want to make sure as many of our peers join us in this great program,” says Newland. “These families and veterans have done right by us and it is only right we give back to them.”

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