Eight Years A Volunteer and Still Going Strong

Chris Ryberg’s Deep Appreciation for the Sacrifice Military Families Make Drives His Involvement in the GreenCare and SnowCare for Troops Programs

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“The way I look at it, these people are the reason I have the freedom I have, and don’t have to look over my shoulder.”

Chris Ryberg, Leading Edge Outdoor Services

Chris Ryberg put in 10 years of work for a landscape maintenance company before he struck out on his own in 2008, purchasing an existing business and renaming it Leading Edge Outdoor Services.

At peak season, Leading Edge employs 10 to 12 individuals servicing a 60/40 mix of residential and commercial landscape maintenance customers. From his location in the southwest corner of Minnesota just across the border from Wisconsin, snow removal is also an important service for the Stillwater-based company.

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Ryberg is dedicated to serving his community through excellent landscape maintenance services, and through his company’s volunteer efforts as part of Project EverGreen’s GreenCare and SnowCare for Troops program. In fact, Leading Edge Landscape has been a registered volunteer organization dating back to 2012.

There’s no military family background that has driven Ryberg to get involved. It’s simply a deep appreciation for the sacrifice the families make.

“I don’t recall whether it was a call or through email, but when I this opportunity was presented, I jumped at the chance to help out,” said Ryberg. “The way I look at it, these people are the reason I have the freedom I have, and don’t have to look over my shoulder.”

Leading Edge has been involved with assisting 10 families with landscape care and snow removal services over its eight years of program involvement. Some families openly express their gratitude, and others have preferred privacy, but all have expressed gratitude in some way through the years.

Says Ryberg, “For me to give up an hour or two a week, or frankly whatever it takes, to give back to these families is nothing compared to the time and commitment they make for our country.”

Are you ready to step up and become a volunteer for a military family? Register today at  https://projectevergreen.org/about-the-program-volunteers/

The Title Sponsor of the GreenCare for Troops program is Nufarm. Platinum Partners include Toro and SiteOne Landscape Supply. The Gold Partner is Arborjet/Ecologel and the Silver Partner is the Propane Education and Research Council

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