Gould Court

Gould Court,
Cleveland, OH

Project EverGreen - Archaeology

Completion Date

June 25, 2015

Project EverGreen - Lawn

Estimated Project Value

Over $15,000

Project EverGreen - Lawn

Estimated Value of Volunteer Time


The benefits of green spaces have been confirmed in study after study. Not only do yards, parks and sports fields contribute to economic growth, community development and improve the environment, healthy green spaces can actually promote a longer life.

Project EverGreen and its partners are creating and restoring an area within the vibrant and growing W. 25th St. corridor allowing both residents and visitors to benefit from a healthy dose of green.

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“We are excited to promote the many benefits of green spaces through the revitalization of Gould Court,” says Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen. “The project underscores the core objectives Project EverGreen stands for which is to develop green spaces to help communities thrive. Green space that allows residents and visitors to connect is a vital component for economic development.”

Project EverGreen is partnering with Cleveland-based Land Studio and Painesville-based Yardmaster to create a new community friendly green space on Gould Court next to Mitchell’s Ice Cream on W. 25th Street in Cleveland’s rapidly expanding Ohio City neighborhood.

The Gould Court alleyway will be transformed into a green space that offers neighborhood residents and visitors a place to relax, reflect and connect with one another while enjoying ice cream, music and the uniqueness of W. 25th Street and Ohio City.

The project will feature the installation of seating areas, walkways, and an underground cistern to collect rainwater that will be used to irrigate new landscape beds that will feature a variety of locally sourced trees, ornamental grasses, annuals and perennials.

Local companies and organizations lending support to the project include Yardmaster, North Coast perennials, Klyn Nurseries, Gilson Gardens, Lake County Nursery, Kurtz Brothers, Sweet Peet, LAND Studios and Mitchell’s Ice Cream.

Project Scope:
Installation of flowers, plants and shrubs
Created seating areas
Underground cistern to collect rainwater for irrigation

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