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Palmetto, Florida

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All it took was a phone call to Fast Lawns & More from a Florida military family with a deployed service member looking for some help taking care of their yard.

“The family asked if we were part of the GreenCare for Troops program but we were not aware of it but that quickly changed,” says Kelly Guerrero, co-owner with her husband, Sergio, of Fast Lawns & More in Palmetto, Florida, a full-service company serving commercial and residential clients in the Sarasota-Manatee communities along the Sunshine State’s Gulf Coast.

After the call, Guerrero went to the Project EverGreen website to research the program and once she read what was involved and who it would be helping, she knew this was something the company definitely wanted to be involved with.

“After learning more about the history of the program and the valuable services it to military families and disabled vets, my husband and I knew we wanted to do our part,” adds Guerrero.

The family Fast Lawns & More is matched with has two young girls and the mother is constantly shuttling the kids to their various activities. This leaves little time on her schedule to cut the lawn or trim shrubs.

“She was really excited when we said we could help her out with the yard,’ says Guerrero. “It takes something off her to do list, provides her with peace of mind and frees her up to spend more time with her girls and keep their lives as normal as possible.”

Guerrero, who says the company is ready to take on more families, is familiar with the sacrifices military families make. Members of her extended family have a long history of military service and she knows what folks endure back on the home front.

Guerrero feels the services they provide not only help out in a practical way but also create greener and safer yards and landscapes the family can enjoy when playing outside or simply relaxing on the back patio. The maintained yards also contribute to a healthier, cooler Earth within the neighborhood and community.

“Cutting the grass, edging and trimming the shrubs are things we can easily do for a family or disabled veteran,” she adds. “Our crew leaders and crews know their efforts mean something when they are taking care of her yard.”

What would Guerrero say to other green industry contractors who are considering registering to be a GreenCare for Troops volunteer?

“Our military personnel and veterans have chosen to put their lives on the line and sacrifice for us and this is the least we can do as an industry,” says Guerrero. “Even if it is just one family it is well worth the time.”

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