Brad Dahl

A Hero Helping His Fellow Heroes

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Meet dual program volunteer Brad Dahl of Buffalo, Minnesota who has helped multiple military families as both a GreenCare and SnowCare for Troops volunteer.

For nearly a decade, Brad Dahl has helped ease the burden of property care for military families in Buffalo, Minnesota, a community northwest of the Twin Cities. And it all started with an e-mail to Project EverGreen.

Dahl is celebrating his 34th year as a member of the active military in 2019. He’s currently serving in the Minnesota Air National Guard supervising an inspection dock for C130 aircraft full-time and has deployed on numerous occasions through his long career. Married 28 years to his wife, Theresa, his two grown children are also serving in the military.

On the side, Dahl has been doing commercial property snow removal for several years. But in 2010, while browsing the Boss Snowplow website for a new blade for his rig, he came across a web advertisement for Project EverGreen. Seeing the opportunity to help, he immediately reached out.

“Being in the military myself, I know what happens when people are deployed and the challenges families face when members are gone,” says Dahl. “When I am not deployed myself, I take this on and help families that need it.”

Shortly after registering for SnowCare for Troops, Dahl acquired a mower and added lawn cutting services to his volunteer efforts. The dual program volunteer has been able to help 10 families since starting with Project EverGreen, and five over the past two years. Most recently, he helped Craig and Becky Barrows with lawn care and snow removal during Craig’s 11-month deployment as a medic.

Dahl admits that he is occasionally the recipient of some lovingly made baked goods from grateful families, but nothing beats the feeling of helping the families of America’s heroes in their time of need.

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