Picture Perfect: Project EverGreen Is Now On Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words. And nothing could be truer when it comes to showing how Project EverGreen is making a difference in communities across the country.

Project EverGreen is thrilled to join the online world of Instagram – the popular social media site allows people to connect with others through one the most powerful ways that we capture moments: pictures.

The Project EverGreen Instagram will afford volunteers, sponsors, military families and community members the opportunity to share photos that represent the hard work and dedication that goes into creating a greener, healthier, cooler Earth.

Sharing your favorite Project EverGreen memories by posting photographs and videos online gives viewers the ability to look at events through a camera lens, creating a new side to your story that the 280 characters of a Tweet can’t always capture.

Project EverGreen will be using Instagram as a way to show the progress of community projects, promote programs such as GreenCare and SnowCare for Troops and share relevant news.

Even if you can’t be there in person to experience the green spaces that Project EverGreen is revitalizing, you can still catch a glimpse of how Project EverGreen is impacting the environment and neighborhoods by simply going on an app.

Follow @projectevergreen on Instagram today!