About the Program – SiteOne Volunteer Rewards

Giving back has just become more rewarding!

Contractor volunteers are the heart and soul of Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops initiative, and SiteOne Landscape Supply and leading industry suppliers are stepping up to help recruit new volunteers to lend a hand to military families with an actively deployed service member.

Volunteers who register with the GreenCare for Troops program and agree to help at least one military family with free lawn and landscape services will be rewarded with free products redeemable at SiteOne locations nationwide.

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How the Program Works

1. Register for GreenCare for Troops

Register to be a GreenCare for Troops volunteer and agree to provide free services to at least one military family in your community. When you register, please select “Referral” in the “How did you hear about Project EverGreen and Green Care for Troops?” box, then enter your SiteOne customer number in the “Who Referred You?” section of the registration form.  If you do not currently have an account with SiteOne, click here for quick and easy SiteOne account registration https://www.siteone.com/request-account/form

2. Check your email

Once your volunteer registration is confirmed, we will submit your customer number to a SiteOne administrator who will load coupon codes for free products onto your SiteOne account.  Once this process is complete, Project EverGreen will send you an email letting you know it is time to redeem those coupons at your local SiteOne store.  This is an in-store offer only and again, please wait for this confirmation email before attempting to redeem at your SiteOne store.

3. Be ready to help!

You will be notified when you have been matched with a military family to provide the gift of green space. Be ready to help.  You’ll be glad you did. Be sure and tell your friends about the program. More volunteers are needed in every state.

Current Product Incentives

FMC Solitaire 

New volunteers receive a coupon for a 1lb. jar of Solitaire post-emergent herbicide.

Proscape Fertilizer

New volunteers receive a a coupon for 2 free bags of Proscape fertilizer.

LESCO Three-Way

New volunteers receive a coupon for a free case of LESCO Three-Way herbicide (two 2.5 gal jugs).

LESCO Momentum 4-Score

New volunteers receive a coupon for a free 1 gallon jug of LESCO 4-Score.

LESCO Moisture Manager

New volunteers receive a coupon for up to three free 40 lb. bags or one 2.5 gal jug of LESCO Moisture Manager

Offers valid in SiteOne branch locations only and may not be redeemed online. Offers not valid for national account or bid project customers. Some products not available at all locations. This promotion may not be combined with other SiteOne coupons, offers, special nets, and/or contract pricing. State restrictions on the sale and use of pesticides and regulated products apply. Consult the label before purchase or use for full details. Always read and follow the label directions. Offers subject to change. Restrictions apply. Quick and easy SiteOne account registration at: https://www.siteone.com/request-account/form.

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