Help Project EverGreen create a greener, healthier, cooler Earth.

Project EverGreen brings people together to make a difference in our yards, parks and community green spaces.

Project EverGreen is a national non-profit organization committed to helping people like you work together to create healthy green space. We do this through GreenCare for Communities initiatives that revitalize parks and public green spaces in New York City, Detroit and cities across the country, and through the GreenCare for Troops program that mobilizes lawn and landscape services for military families.

Our efforts, empowered by donations and volunteers, result in remarkable lifestyle improvements, environmental impact and economic benefits.

To learn more about Project EverGreen and the impact its programs have on military families and communities, or to join us by volunteering your time, service or resources call 877-758-4835.

Our Vision

A greener, cooler Earth.
Healthier, happier people.

Our Mission

Bringing people together to make a difference in how our yards, parks and communities create a greener, healthier, cooler Earth.

Project EverGreen Makes Health and Happiness Happen

Just 2,500 square feet of grass releases enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe.

Proud to support @ProjectEvrGreen at the 2nd Annual Golf Classic. Our AMGUARD team had a blast on the greens while sponsoring the beverage cart. Let's keep making a positive impact together.

Globally, the past eight years were the warmest on record. It’s a trend in larger cities, where lush #greencanopies have been replaced by pavement and roofing. Finding how #urban and #natural #greenspaces and #trees can comingle is critical.

Fall savings are here for #GreenCareforTroops #volunteers. Find out more about how you can save on products you use every day. @SiteOneSupply

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Gmeiner Park ribbon cutting - Project EverGreen
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