Studies confirm there is significant value in having children spend time outdoors playing, and Project EverGreen’s “Healthy Turf. Healthy Kids.”™ has its sights set on restoring and revitalizing green spaces, including sports fields and parks, for children to play, exercise and connect.

With childhood obesity doubling in the past 30 years, the need for safe and modern recreational green spaces is critical to turn the tide against this disturbing trend. Not only do yards, parks and sports fields promote a healthier lifestyle, they also contribute to economic growth, community development and benefit the environment.

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National “Healthy Turf. Healthy Kids.” Awareness Week
July 16-22, 2017

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Why Green Spaces?

2500 sq. ft.
of turf releases enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe
A child can burn up to
100 Calories
in one hour of active play

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