Sustainability is an ideal. It’s a race without a finish line, and defining the term can be difficult, even among the many members of Project EverGreen.

But here’s what we can all agree on: sustainability means we’re leaving the planet, our communities and our environment better than when we found it. It means we’re building companies that are responsible for planting thousands of trees, millions of flowers and acres of cool, refreshing green spaces. We create environments that bring families, neighbors, and people of all sorts together. We build communities by shaping the natural world in such a way that our neighbors today, and future generations will look around and say, ‘what a beautiful place this is.’

The intent of this landing page on sustainability from Project EverGreen is to convey to our viewers what the Green Industry is doing with regard to creating and maintaining a sustainable environment – from our largest companies to the thousands of individual volunteers. This is a compendium of, for lack of a better term, “sustainability plans” by companies, associations and individuals that are designed to educate and enlighten visitors who review our website on the many lasting benefits of well-maintained green spaces..

We don’t intend to define sustainability. We’ll leave that to others. What we do want to do is give consumers an opportunity to see the depth and breath of the commitment by the Green Industry to create a sustainable environment for its customers and its employees.