One month after phase II of the Pingree Park makeover, it’s already clear that Project EverGreen’s hard work has made a difference in the lives of those who live in the East Detroit community.

After many years of the park being unusable for those in the area due to its declining state, Project EverGreen partnered with Detroit-based corporations, local businesses, community groups, neighbors and landscape professionals to renovate the park, leaving a positive impression on the neighborhood and providing a healthy green space that is an open and inviting spot for people of all ages to spend their free time.

One group that has benefited from the makeover is the Eminence Dance Team. Christina Fields, founder and coach of the dance team, explains that she started Eminence as a way to show kids in the Detroit community that there is so much more out there for them than they realize. She hopes that the girls on her dance team will learn to strive for greatness, taking any opportunity that comes their way.

For those on the Eminence Dance Team, Pingree Park is a central place to rehearse and practice outside. Fields says that “There are a lot of children over here that just really don’t have anything to do… I see the need for something greater.”

Fields knows that her dance team, which she runs for free for kids who keep up their grades in school, is the perfect chance to give the children of the community a way to spend free time and find something to be passionate about. And there’s no better place for children to find passion than in the serene Pingree Park, which now has a new walking path and freshly pruned trees thanks to the efforts of Project EverGreen.

Project EverGreen is pleased to present a video that captures the true essence of the Pingree Park project and showcases how Project EverGreen is bringing its mission to life through the renovation of parks and green spaces, and the transformation of neighborhoods.

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