When GreenCare for Troops volunteer Nathan Newlands of Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control in Mankato, Minnesota throws out the first pitch at the Minnesota Twins game on June 2, he will be delivering a home run in support of military families and disabled veterans.

Nathan Newlands of Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control is making a pitch to support Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops.

To prepare for the big event, Newlands, a native of Australia, has been working on his pitching form, with the help of his daughter, Olivia, and he created a video to share his experiences.


“We love what Project Evergreen’s GreenCare for Troops is doing to help support military families in our great country and are honored to represent this great organization,” says Newland.

Newland and Spring Touch aren’t stopping there and have set a Spring Touch Challenge to raise $10,000 for Project Evergreen and GreenCare for Troops.

“We have set a goal to raise $10,000 for GreenCare for Troops to help Project Evergreen match more military families with volunteers,” says Newland. “Our military families sacrifice daily to help protect our country and we love that we can help them by providing a green, weed-free lawn for them to enjoy.”

You can make a donation to help Project EverGreen serve more military families at SPRING TOUCH CHALLENGE