Magna International Invests in a
Greener Future for Detroit’s Neighborhoods

Teammates encouraging each other to get the last out in a baseball game. Kids giggling as they zip down the playground slide. Neighbors sitting on a bench sharing the latest neighborhood news.

These are the sights and sounds that residents of Detroit’s Pingree Park neighborhood long to hear again on a regular basis and it won’t be long until it’s a reality.

Pingree Park, an 18-acre (784,080 sq. feet) in Detroit’s East Side neighborhood spanning from East Warren Ave. to East Canfield St., will receive an extensive facelift courtesy of Magna International and Project EverGreen.

Detroit’s Pingree Park will be renovated through the efforts of Project EverGreen, Magna International and local green industry volunteers.

Project Evergreen is proud to announce a $100,000 contribution from Magna International to support the national non-profit organization’s efforts to renovate Pingree Park and provide a healthy, safe space for kids to play and neighbors to connect.

Enhanced soccer and baseball fields, new walking paths, improved grass, much-needed pruning for the old trees that provide needed shade in the heat of the summer, will all be part of a community effort to revitalize Pingree to its former glory.

The renovation – scheduled for November 3-4, 2017 with a second phase taking place in the spring of 2018 – is a collaborative effort between Mayor Mike Duggan’s office, local businesses, neighborhood residents and Project EverGreen. It aligns with the mayor’s progressive initiative to renovate 40 smaller parks across the city aimed at reducing blight and restoring community pride. Those 40 parks total 121 acres or 5.2 million sq. ft.

For Magna International, stewardship is woven into the fabric of the company’s DNA and that is why company’s employees will also participate in the volunteer effort.

“An important part of the Magna culture is to give back and support the communities where we live and work,” said Jim Tobin, Magna’s chief marketing officer. “We also support the development of healthy habits like exercise and outside play for children of all ages, and it’s a great fit for us to get involved with Project EverGreen’s mission to create healthy parks for kids.”

Project EverGreen has completed renovation projects covering millions of sq. ft. of urban green spaces in locations spanning from East Harlem, NYC; to Chicago; Cleveland; Greensboro, N.C.; and Houston, San Antonio and Fort Worth, Texas.

These efforts, to date, account for actively growing grass, trees, shrubs and flowers which daily produces enough clean air for nearly 76,000 people. This number increases daily as more managed green space is added to cities and neighborhoods.

Pingree Park is located in the middle of a proud, multi-generational neighborhood. The renovation work – determined with support from community groups – will include:

• Improving the natural grass surface through grading, aeration, overseeding, and nutrients
• Tree canopy pruning to enhance the health of the trees and to create a safer, more inviting park
• New tree installation along E. Forest Ave.
• Creation of a neighborhood gathering spot for picnics, movies and music
• Expansion of park pathways

Improvements will provide residents with better use of the park, increased safety for kids playing on the grass and sports fields and generate community pride. It will also create a central community hub for people to gather and connect with one another.

“Pingree Park and the people living in the surrounding community are the real winners,” says Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen. “With Magna’s generous support, this park will get a much-needed facelift. The improved park space will result in a greener, healthier, cooler park, functioning as the lungs of the neighborhood.”