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Community Impact: Project EverGreen returned to Detroit’s Pingree Park for phase II of renovations in the summer of 2018. Phase II of the project continued to clean-up the park and added new features, including a gorgeous brick center-piece and a new walking path.

Baseball teams playing on the field.

Project EverGreen and the Detroit community could notice the impact that the phase I makeover had already had on the neighborhood. More people have begun to take advantage of the park now that it is more accessible, including baseball teams, dance clubs and families who need outdoor spaces that allow their children to run free.

Phase II continued the great work that phase I brought to the Detroit neighborhood. As the months go on and the renovations continue, the sense of community pride and the raised home values will be maintained. Those in the Pingree Park neighborhood could not be more pleased with the progress of the project.

Project Scope:
Park clean-up
Tree pruning
Tree planting
Added natural play mounds
Created a walking path

Completion Date: June 8-9, 2018

Estimated Project Value:

Estimated Value of Volunteer Time:

Hard-working volunteers from Quicken Loans.

Project Partners:
Magna Seating
Quicken Loans
Lear Corporations

Project Contributors:
Billy Goat
City of Detroit Parks & Recreation Department
Cool Planet
John Deere
Kujo Yard Wear
Lush Lawn
MACC Development
Pingree Park Community Group
PBI Gordon
Real Green
Sun Belt Rentals
Superior Groundcover
The Davey Tree Expert Co.
Teddy’s Lawn + Landscape
Troy Clogg Landscape Associates
Unilock Michigan Inc.
Weed Man Farmington Hills

Food Sponsors:
Potbelly Sandwich Works