Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our program. They give tirelessly to share the gift of green yards and landscapes to help military families and disabled veterans in need.

Still Delivering On His Mission – Tyler Dixon: GreenCare for Troops Volunteer

A few years ago Tyler Dixon was sitting in his vehicle in between appointments selling insurance and he noticed quite a few lawn care and landscape company trucks passing by his vantage point.

“There had to be at least 10 different trucks pass by where I was parked and it got me thinking that I could do this and make some extra money in my downtime,” says Dixon, a 15-year Navy veteran and a GreenCare for Troops volunteer in High Point, North Carolina.

Tyler Dixon, U.S. Navy veteran and owner of Dixon Landscaping & Design in High Point, North Carolina.

After buying a mower for $50 and strapping it to the back of a trailer, Dixon Landscaping & Design was born.

“I never intended to go into landscaping full-time, it was just going to be a way to make some extra money to help support my family at a time when we really needed it,” recalls Dixon. “I was looking for a change and it has turned into something that has blessed me in more ways than I can say.”

While his business is only several years old, Dixon himself has had more than his share of experience dealing with a condition that impact thousands of veterans – post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Tyler Dixon during his 15 years of active duty in the U.S. Navy.

“When most people think of a disabled veteran the image they have is of someone in a wheelchair or missing a limb but it is not always physical,” explains Dixon, who was a submariner during his time in the Navy and is a married father of four. “Every veteran has his or her struggles but you never truly give up trying to get better and moving on.”

Project EverGreen visited with Dixon and asked him why he registered to become a GreenCare for Troops volunteer and what it truly means to a military family or disabled veteran to receive these services.

Q: What made you decide to volunteer for GreenCare for Troops?
A: It is a way for me to provide a much-needed service to my fellow veteran brothers and sisters, reduce their stress and help them move on with their daily lives. They can spend more time focusing on taking care of their families – getting the kids to school, making a doctor’s appointment or just going for ice cream and spend quality time together. Most military families do not have their own family nearby to lean on and they can end up feeling like they are on an island. Receiving these services checks an important box for them.

Q: What don’t people understand about the challenges military families face during a deployment or for veterans transitioning back from their service?
A: Every day is a challenge. Before your deployment you have a normal 8 to 5 job and you come home every night. When you are deployed your world, and your family’s world, is turned upside down. The emotional, mental and physical support is gone. For veterans transiting back into everyday society, especially those who suffer from a physical disability or PTSD, the challenges can be taller. There is a veteran in our neighborhood who doesn’t want to be outside working in his yard because of loud noises and sudden movements. Helping him out with something as simple as mowing his lawn lets him know someone is there for him. Military members are used to handling everything on their own and the transition back into civilian life can be hard. They are reluctant to reach out and ask for help, and think they can handle it. I speak from experience on this.

Q: What are your expectations of being a volunteer?
A: My expectation is to help people to get through things easier than I did. Taking one thing off their list could make a big difference for someone.
The impact of GreenCare for Troops on military families and disabled veterans is far greater than volunteers will ever know. The family may not send you a thank you note or text but the kindness you are showing them is truly appreciated.

Five Minutes With Hans Lamm: GreenCare and SnowCare for Troops Volunteer

Growing up in the family business afforded Hans Lamm a chance to see and learn how important it is to establish a connection with the community you serve.

Lamm’s father, John, a Navy veteran, started landscaping in 1960 in Glendale, Wisconsin, north of Milwaukee, focusing on providing superior landscape services to growing suburban communities. Following a move to nearby Jackson, Wisconsin, Lamm expanded his full-service landscape operation by adding a garden center to the 150 acres farm and nursery further he owned.

The management team at LAMMSCAPES! is a strong believer in giving back to the community,

“My father loved the interaction of the retail part of the business and sharing the beauty of the property’s streams, lakes, bridges and woods with customers,” says Lamm, who has spent nearly 25 years working in all areas of the business. “It complements the landscape side of the business very nicely.”

Another unique aspect of the LAMMSCAPES! operation is its strong mission statement:

Our Mission — Sharing our God-given talents in the landscape profession, educating employees in serving customers with excellence, safety, profitability, and fun

One of the ways LAMMSCAPES! shares its talents is volunteering to be both a Project EverGreen GreenCare and SnowCare for Troops volunteer. Project EverGreen caught up with Hans Lamm to ask him about his company’s involvement with the programs and the impact it has had.

Q: How did you get involved with the GreenCare and SnowCare for Troops programs?
A: We registered five or six years back starting with SnowCare for Troops after seeing an advertisement in one of the industry magazines.

Q: Talk about your experience and what it means to you and your company?
A: Being part of the programs brings a rewarding feeling to it. I feel for members of the military that have to be separated from their families and the burdens it places on the families left at home. It is the least we can do for them. When our crews cut their grass or plow snow it leaves them feeling good. It is part of our culture to give back and being able to give military families peace of mind and take one thing off their plate and allow them to be at ease and deal with other day to day tasks is rewarding.

Q: Talk about the military family you have served?
A: Ironically, we ended up taking care of a friend who was being deployed with the Wisconsin Air National Guard. I didn’t know he signed up with Project Evergreen for services and he didn’t know we were part of the program until we were matched.

LAMMSCAPES! is also involved in Operation Finally Home, a national program providing mortgage-free homes to service members and their families who have become wounded, ill, or injured as a result of their service. In 2016 LAMMSCAPES! provided the landscape for two homes in the Jackson area.

Q: What would you say to a contractor considering volunteering for GreenCare or SnowCare for Troops?
A: I would say do it without hesitation. Decide what you can take on and handle but it is a rewarding experience that you won’t forget. It is something we can be proud of and feel good about. We all love our country and what a cool way to help give back.

Want to Share Your Volunteer Story?

If you want to share your GreenCare or SnowCare for Troops volunteer story contact Project EverGreen’s Jeff Fenner at jfenner@b-communications.com and we will arrange an interview and tell your story!