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SnowCare for Troops Makes Headlines

SnowCare for Troops
Is Making Headlines

Let’s face it – SnowCare for Troops makes a good story. How can local volunteers helping out families of deployed military personnel or wounded or disabled veterans with complimentary snow and ice removal services not be a good read?

In the last month SnowCare for Troops has participated in several media interviews and has more scheduled for the coming weeks. In addition to recognizing the efforts of our volunteer contractors who often service multiple families, the coverage is helping Project EverGreen attract what it needs the most – more volunteers to help provide these much needed […]

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Project EverGreen Announces 2015 Officers and Board of Directors

Project EverGreen, the original national non-profit promoting the value of preserving and using green spaces, announces its officers and board of directors for 2015.

The 2015 Project EverGreen Officers include President Bill Vogel, Spring Valley; President-Elect Dave Ravel, Syngenta; Secretary/Treasurer Mike Dauer, Real Green Systems; and Immediate Past President Mike Sisti, Weed Man.

Serving on the 2015 Project EverGreen Board of Directors are:

Linda Beattie, Schiller Ground Care
Dan Carrothers, Weed Man
Sean Casey, Nufarm
Scott Cole, BASF
Tom Delaney, PLANET
Pete Farno, Bayer
George Furrer, Sipcam Advan
John Marchionda, Husqvarna
Pierre Pereira; Billy Goat
Maureen Thompson, FMC
Anthony Williams, Marriott Golf
Murray Wingate, Lebanon

“Project EverGreen is fortunate to have such a talented and […]

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Project EverGreen and Ruppert Nurseries Help Restore Historic Union Station Garden

In celebration of National Public Lands Day, Union Station’s Columbus Plaza recently received a complete face lift. Project EverGreen, partnering with Ruppert Nurseries, the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation, and the National Park Service, joined together to organize and support station partners and community volunteers in a large-scale effort to restore and renew the Columbus Plaza Garden landscape.

The restoration include replanting more than 600 new junipers and ornamental grass plants, laying new grass seed, weeding, mulching, power washing the hardscape and more, working jointly to provide Union Station with the grand entrance it deserves.

Union Station and the Columbus Plaza, […]

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Project EverGreen Expands Military Family Service Initiatives

In honor of Military Family Appreciation Month and Veteran’s Day, Project EverGreen announces the expansion of two its most popular initiatives that provide military personal and their families with complimentary and much-needed outdoor services.

Both Green Care for Troops (GCFT) and SnowCare for Troops (SCFT) programs will be expanded to include wounded and disabled veterans in addition to families of currently deployed military personnel with lawn care, landscape, and snow and ice removal services.

“With more than 1.4 million active-duty personnel currently serving in the U.S. military including more than 160,000 personnel deployed in 150 countries across the globe, the need to […]

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SnowCare for Troops Program Set To Expand To Wounded and Disabled Veterans

Did you know there are more than 1.4 million active-duty personnel currently serving in the U.S. military? And there are more than 160,000 personnel deployed in 150 countries across the globe?

The level of commitment and sacrifice these brave, devoted individuals and their families demonstrate can go unnoticed at times but Project EverGreen wants to make sure it doesn’t go unappreciated.

Project EverGreen, with the generous support from BOSS Snowplows, announces the expansion of its award-winning SnowCare for Troops (SCFT) program to include wounded and disabled veterans in addition to families of currently deployed military personnel.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans […]

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Companies Lend a Hand to Military Families

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Household chores can be tough enough put they can put extra pressure on military families when a spouse is deployed.

Something as simple as mowing the lawn can be a challenge but one local business is stepping up to help.

Sun Valley Landscaping is taking some of the pressure off for some families with free lawn mowing.

Joy Draper, a military wife whose Air Force husband is often deployed for months at a time, said, “Once he’s gone, it becomes painfully obvious how much you guys help each other and work together so it becomes, everything […]

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Project EverGreen and Partners 
Help Turn Cleveland Green

The benefits of green spaces have been confirmed in study after study. Not only do yards, parks and sports fields contribute to economic growth, community development and improve the environment, healthy green spaces can actually promote a longer life.

Project EverGreen, a Cleveland-based non-profit has launched two projects that will create and restore a pair of Cleveland-area green spaces, and allow both residents and visitors to benefit from a healthy dose of green.

“We are excited to promote the many benefits of green spaces through the Gould Court and ‘Healthy Turf. Healthy Kids.’ initiative at the Michael J. Zone Recreation Center,” says […]

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About Project EverGreen

Our Mission: “Project EverGreen’s mission is to preserve and enhance green spaces in our communities where we live, work and play.”

Project EverGreen is committed to informing the American public about the positive effects of well-maintained green spaces, including lawns and landscapes, sports turf, golf courses and parks. We want to inspire you to get involved and get passionate about green spaces!

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Does Giving Back Make Us Prosperous?

In Project EverGreen’s mission to preserve and enhance green spaces where we live, work and play, we organize local teams of landscapers, individuals and group volunteers to join in donating pro bono restorations to parks, sports fields, schools and charities, to provide environmental, economic, and social benefits to communities.   
After several years of mobilizing our volunteer partners, we’re increasingly inspired by their generosity. For example, our professional landscaper volunteers enable all of our projects by donating their time, money, and materials. They often describe themselves as being honored to be able to contribute whatever success they’ve built as an opportunity […]

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Success on Liberty Island!

This special edition e-newsletter is dedicated to sharing with you the wonderful feeling of accomplishment that we achieved with the completion of our 9/11 Memorial Grove project on Liberty Island. While an e-newsletter can’t entirely convey the feelings of excitement, emotions, achievement and sentimentality that we experienced in our short time on Liberty Island, it’s our goal to capture the highlights of the day for those of you who weren’t able to attend this project.

From our opening night reception at Liberty National Golf Course to our final ferry ride back from Liberty Island, our two-and-a-half days in Jersey City represented […]

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